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B Junior

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nur hidayah
21st june 1986


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"These are her random thoughts. Should anyone finds her entries offending or harmful, please close your eyes and stop reading you goof! :)"




30 December 2004 11:24:00 PM

.The End.

So, in less than 30 minutes, marks the last day for year 2004. time flew so fast that i didn't realise it's a brand new year tomoro. do allow me to say couple of highlights and dimlight of this remarkable year.

Dimlights :
again and again. i got deceived by a gd friend. again and again. she made me look like a fool. again and again. she took advantage of my trust.
goodbye my friend. i hate yoo.
my studies went down the choo choo drain.
controversy at work. lots and lots of disputes between co workers and managers. hatred towards each other. backstabbing, bitching, rotting. screaming and yelling and cursing and so much more. burger fights.
the rest shall remain history.

im still with my wonderful boyfriend. 27th August was a memorable day for us. he's so... soo... soo... him. m so in love wit chu honey.
i got a pay raise. not much but still a raise.
i had fun with my colleagues. they're bunch of besties. let me name some will you?
the serial rapist luqmanhakim
the queen of belo siti aishah
the hantu gigi fan mohd remy
had an awesome dinner at Lawry's Prime Rib. thank you sooo much suga suga for sucha grand treat. it was tummy filling and i hope you would bring me there again. *hints*
Swensen, Seoul Garden, Pizzahut, Long John with moi suga suga.
newton with the burger kingians. more like hungrians. we ate like crazy. bulan puasa katerkan... hehe anak mak nak membesar.
Jalan raya trips with all of yoo who is involved. i had fun ok. alot. alot. alot. thank you so much for asking me along.
sentosa trips. esp east coast family day - had so mucho fun. and kampung hut dates. aww-
movie addict.

the list might just go on and on and on. the main purpose of this entry is to thank all my beloved friends whom had brightened my year 2004, whom had filled my days with many many smiles and never ending laughter, whom had been my shoulder to cry on. thank you so much. i love you guys to the very last bits.

and of course, the fun will never end. at least not today nor tomoro nor the days and years to come. keep on shining everyone!
Bonsoir. Au revoir.
A merry new year ho ho ho-

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29 December 2004 11:50:00 PM

.Chop chilli chop.

so, i've chopped my hair off short. and it's uglee- totally. i hate the way she cuts my back, and kakak said i look like an ahlian. *sobs* its okae dayah, hair can grow back. FAST. and i hate the hairdresser- she's so cold and hostile towards me. *ouch*

*s.h.o.r.t so short.*

*very short indeed.*

*tadaaa! hue hue hue. i lovee her curls. i loveee her smile and she's actualee waving to the camera. how cute.. awwww*

Bonsoir Mates.
Au Revoir.

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28 December 2004 10:45:00 PM

.the food paradise.

you see, i've been hardly updating because im busy. yes yes, busy sangat you.. with what you may ask? well it's been a food galore for me for the past few weeks. i was much busy munching than anything else. and yes i still dun look fat or whatever. pls blame it on my high basal metabolism. dun say i diden try yah. heh-

since picture speaks a thousand words. im gonna end my entry with alot alot of pictures. ok bedek only not alot. only these..

Pizza Hut-ing
marah nampak. muka mantain k.

he just loves the soup of the day..

mulut tu tutop yer cik abang..

love the cheery*licks*

NEXT PLS, ba-gus by banquet
classic heh. looks like an ezlink to me.

humongous plate with a humongous fish. *yums*

Last but not least, the duos :

Bonsoir mates.
Au revoir.

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2:03:00 AM

.Complain queen. It takes two to play a game. You'll regret what you did cause revenge gonna be so sweet.

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23 December 2004 10:55:00 AM


Today is definitely the WORST day of this year. not life thou'. it's been sometime i cried like the rain. m being swored because of someone. fish and more fishes. i hate when this happens. i came to skewl like a robotic panda. i was so looking foward for skewl but he had to spoil my day.

nothing could cheer me up. not even my new mp3 nor m2m. NOTHING. ok wrong. something can cheer me up! ------ sleeep. yesssss i love to sleep when im mad. i'll let the day past and start a brand new day the next day. so for now, i can't wait to go home.

it's embarassing when ma granny saw me weeping. her hug was so warm tt i cried more. i just love her so muchos. it's 11 AM now and i should call it a day. i hate today.

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21 December 2004 3:48:00 PM

.Dear diary.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed again. and YET again, m being all cranky just like yesterday. my sleep was disturbed by the shining rays. i knew i shud be up by then. but shoot me will you? i ignored everything and forced myself to sleep since i shud be in skewl only at 1.

m working today. it's been 5 days in a row i worked. fish. m so so tired but m gonna love the green kachinks weeks to come. i love work. i seriouslee do. but it's just the management m upset about. geogene is duin closing today. oh boy- if she's gonna be as cranky as me today, m gonna blow her mind off with a thousand grenade. she should count herself lucky if she's still alive by then. she simply loves to critics. i hate perfectionists. maybe becoz m not perfect maself. it's ok, i'll gonna knock some sense in her big brain yet empty.

gotta get ready. Gooday!

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16 December 2004 11:17:00 PM

.Show me the money!.

i think it's time for me to do some shopping! Im running out of tops bottoms accesories bags watches and so loads more. i dun haf troubling choosing wat to wear next day for skewl coz i dun realli bother much abt tt. but i need it for my dates with suga suga. *yums*

- lingerie *winks*
- Fitted tee
- Handbags
- Backpack
- Swatch
- jeans
- slip ons
- havainas

the list will go on and on and on. nyone wanna accompany me for my shopping spree?
Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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1:13:00 PM

.Don't smoke and fly.

I think it's really time for me to kick my smoking habits. it's been a year and it's realli quite hard to quit. so before i get more addicted to it, it's a time to say no to ciggies.

why i smoke?
i dunch even know. it started a year back in my working days. guez bek then i had no other better things to do. heh- slap me will you?
*Baby_Jr14 slaps Baby_Jr14 with a large trout.*

i dunch wanna let my daddy down. and i've been giving baybee empty promises. this time i will keep up to my promise. I WILL STOP. in weeks to come.

hope i'll be back with good news.

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14 December 2004 1:30:00 AM

.when he meets her.

haf been working for 4 days straight n m beat. fatigue.
school was pretti okay today. Did alot of cathing up- it was my first day in school. heh. slap me will you? i've always dreamt of going to school consistantly and punctually. see it's only a dream. i can't do it. m a fulltime sleepyhead.

finalee i get to meet my suga suga. m missing him sooo soooo muchos. he's been working like crazy and we hardly get to meet. *sobs* but its ok. i'll get to miss him more by the day. honey, m trulli sori if i've been giving u a really hard time. truly sincerly really i love you deep deep. heh. *blushed*

i'll end this entry by the pic of the day- woppedeedoo.
Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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11 December 2004 11:58:00 PM

.I loveee taxi rides.

I felt great talking to the taxi driver just now. I mean he's so well educated even thou he couldn't speak proper english. his powerful knowledge kept me entertained the whole journey.

reminisced :
"construction workers are being paid so low even thou they're more exposed to the dangers whereas fast food workers working in a better environment are being paid as much."
unfair ain't it?
"construction workers are easily replaced that's why they're being paid low whereas managers are hard to find so they're being paid highly."
funny but it's true.

there's really alot more he told me that never came acrossed my mind but im afraid to reveal any, cause most of them are politics stuffs. who knows m being jailed for bitching abt politicians.

i think that's about it for today. good day everyone and happy weekends!
Bonsoir. Au Revoir.

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3:07:00 AM


I will never forget this day. a friend whom i tout was a dear turns out to be a deer instead. *wtfish* ok ignore what i've just said. m thwarted.

fish! how cud i be soo stupid? not only i've let my beloved dad down. i've let myself down too! i feel like banging my head. reality check : lesson learnt. ok fine i've learnt my lesson. the hurting part was when i told her the problem was caused by her, she ignored me. can't be bothered. if i were cruel and heartless i wud've oredy swore rite at her face. i felt like breaking down but m still holding on. strong.

it's true when my dad used to tell me "smile and the world smile with you, cry and you'll cry alone."

she only came to me to share her hardship. she left me alone when i needed her so badly. im thankful that m still having compassionate friend - Siti Aishah. She was there for me to make me skip and smile. She understood how i felt. i heart her for that. to that someone, it's really ok with me if you want to pull me down. afterall, life's pretti unfair. it goes without saying-

too much of sulking ain't healthy. at least i had fun at work with aishah. i told her i missed her so much and she said m insane. fish her! *smiles* owh well, what a day.
Bonsoir, Au Revoir.

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09 December 2004 6:10:00 PM

.Nasi lemak.. Goreng Pisang.

For the first time ever in this week, i was pretti early for skewl. Amazingly, i managed to drag my ass of the bed and went to skewl in da morning. The 4 hours practical only lasts for an hour. so i had no choice but to go home since i had to wait for another 5 hours for my next lecture. lectures? bahhh- can't be bothered to go. i just slept the whole day at home. And my nasi lemak cravings are over! woppppe- i went nasi lemak hunting all over bukit panjang after skewl just now. how nice. it's been like more than 6 months i ate it *slurrrrrrps* finger licking good bebey.

Awwww- m supposed to celebrate my sister's badae but m having a very bad fever. my throat is starting to sore and i dun like it. kept coughing and this flu is aint bein nice either. But m getting a little better after suga suga called me asking how i m. u always makes my day baybee.

Ok ive got to go. wanna flirt with my beloved bed again. aite-
Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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08 December 2004 3:23:00 PM


So yea life has been a bumpy ride thru out the holidays. m feeling pretti low but m sure m gonna manage. afterall, i still haf my good frens by my side. its not the end of the world dayah.

layte, m gonna haf a blast for sure *i hope*. but m not quite excited- luqman wuden be cumin, and leena is like bringing the whole bus down. fish. it wus afterall supposed to be like private outing or sumtang. hopefully aishah can make it. *pleeease* well.. m relieved kak nana is tagging along or i'll spend the whole night banging my head on the walls *sighs*

ok gotta get wet and ready. no not that kind of wet u goons! m gg to BATHE. its ald 1500 hours and m still in bed. gosh- slap me will you? anak dara millenium.

Au revoir.

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07 December 2004 3:19:00 AM

I don't mind spending everyday
Out on your corner in the pouring rain
Look for the boy with the broken smile
Ask him if he wants to stay awhile
And he will be loved....

her life journey continues..........

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06 December 2004 2:32:00 AM


Oi Raphael Thomas!

You make me sick! I've been stuck at Burger King Raffles City since March 2004 working my guts out while you take all the credit and get the SGD$1800 salary which is rightfully mine.

Despite selflessly devoting my time to Burger King, you have never recognised my worth. Now that I've been offered a good pay by our biggest rival, I'm leaving this sinking ship.

So I'm quitting okay!

Get a Life!
Nur Hidayah

.How about this as my resignation letter *winks*.

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05 December 2004 6:48:00 PM

.I hate you, Burger King.

By the day, burger king sicken me. the management is all screwed up. fish- i dunch even know why im still there. prolly because of the great crews i get to know. we are like a family there- perhaps tt's the reason why managers abhors us so much. pure jealousy i could say. envious.

they're always finding fault with us. what they fails to see is our commitment towards the job. who's always doing OT and all the maintanence? us malay crews. who are always doing the closing duties. US- so what's the big fuss here about saying it's always us who's giving problems. if your cheenas crews are so good, then god damn blardy ask them to work. cause why? i fugging hate yoooo managers. be it helen, geogene or WORST raphael thomas.

And lately, they've been invading into our personal life. where's our privacy!? we aren't your babies yooo know. shithole. hate me all you want, cause i don't blardy care abt u hypocrites. in front of us- you joke, you laugh, you praise. behind us- you criticise, you condemn. i don't even have to give you the respect. managers? SO WHAT.


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