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B Junior

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nur hidayah
21st june 1986


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"These are her random thoughts. Should anyone finds her entries offending or harmful, please close your eyes and stop reading you goof! :)"




29 February 2004 9:19:00 PM

*Fug~ im 12 hours away from the tests and have yet touched the books..*

posted by B Junior @ 9:19:00 PM 
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28 February 2004 4:51:00 PM

So yea it's weekends finalee and i haf no plans.. no plans to go out nor study... i guez i'll just sit and laze ard at home.. so yea went out for pathetic 15 minutes.. haha went to meet my darlx renn to pass her tt stan smith.. headed home and took endless snaps of amirah n me.. hahaha yea yea im kuku rite now.. u know wat's the moral of the entry? I'M BORED! Im sick of studying and exams are less than 48 hours.. i tink i'll tak a nap and hopefully i have the mood to get my ass on the books again layter.. au revoir..

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27 February 2004 11:19:00 PM

Im backkkk... n it's a dread... so so tired~ dear's mom oredy offered me to sleep there... *sighs* i wish i could.. hehe but nvm.. hmm went home n sumtin weird happened.. my dad kissed me on my cheeks.. i was like mouth agaped... is tt a gd sign or a bad one? maybe he realised he had been so harsh n it's suprising he diden nag at me... *phew* hmm so yea today was a great one.. and to O level cert takers.. i hope u all did well, if diden, dun b disappointed cuz there's still room for improvement.. *sighs* suddenly i feel like retaking my O's...my results were so bleagh~ but it's da past aniwae.. DARN ghaf! dat cuzzie of mine is one smart brain ass.. hahahaha he slacked so much during his O's yet he passed with flying colours.. L1R5 14- L1R4- 11... woahhh!! *Saluteeees* Hmm i tink nuff said there.. he almost robbed me of my speech...

To My Dearest Iskandarian :

First of all i wanna wish u hepi 6 mth.. im really happy tt we haf gone this far through the bad and the gd times.. My life had never been better since u first came... it was like a dream come true.. U proved me wrong tt true love does exist.. Remember the time when i was drunk.. knowing the fact tt u dun haf any cab fare home, u still insist in sending me.. and u walked all the way from b panjang to jurong west non-stop for 2 hours... I was really2 touched.. no one had sacrificed this much for me.. The time when i was real mad at you, u sacrificed ur skewl money and took a cab here just to apologise... baby, u're the sweetest.. I admit tt there's so many hardships in this relationship but i had never regretted being with you.. infact, it was an honour..

But lately, this something has been bothering me.. im sorry if i have to bring up this matter though i know u wun like it.. It's ur friendship my dear.. your friendship is at stake.. n i realised it's because of me.. u spend most of ur freetime with me.. i dunno who to blame, and i guez no one is at fault.. ur life is so occupied.. u had to juggle btw work, studies, family, friends and me.. im realli sori baby if im juz another add on burden.. i know how hurt u feel when ur friend said u've changed. i can never blame you baby... but u haf to know this : i came to approach as someone who's trying to add shine to ur glowy life.. i know u're happy but i wanna make u feel happier than ever.. but i never meant to make u lose anyone.. i swear tt wasn't my intention.. i know u'll say its okay.. but it's not ok with me baby.. friendship is the most important in life.. friends are as valuable as ur family.. if they can't understand tt u're busy, make them understand.. dun leave it cliff-hanging.. u know him longer than you know me honey.. if u dun feel anithing abt that friendship rite now, try to think back the good old times.. u can still win it back.. and i promise u this, i will do anithing just to save ur friendship.. if to love is to sacrifice im willing to.. though it's really hard to swallow tt fact, but i can try..

I guez he's mistaken us baby.. he assumed u spend all ur time with me.. but if he look at it properly, u spend most of ur time at work.. infact, i only spend my time while u're sending me home from skewl, from there u'll b going work straight.. n i dun blame u baby, cuz u haf to support ur family.. im happy to see tt u're willing enuff to help ur family.. on top of tt, i cun spend most of my time with you too, i haf studies to take care of.. it's sad tt he cun understand tt baby.. but i dun blame him either.. cuz maybe he feels he's losing a best friend.. and i guez he's feeling the loss tts why he reacted tt way.. please baby, if u cun do it for me, do it for yourself.. save this friendship.. i know he's someone special in ur life too.. i hope u take all this positively.. the reason i do this is because i really love you and want the best for you.. *huggs* No matter what happens, u know i'll be by your side.. You know i care.. *smiles*

Bonsoir.. au revoir..

posted by B Junior @ 11:19:00 PM 
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7:33:00 PM

so yea today's my 6th mth with dear... my morning was a pain.. my eyes are swollen.. and hmm sumthing happened so met up with dear quite late... went town to haf our lunch at puncak.. im so sori dear i spoiled our outing.. i was really feeling unwell and the heat was making me all dizzy... and my body's all aching.. i'll make up to u sum oder dae k? so hmm had nowhere to go so went to dear's plc n played soccer... bang balls! one of my toe nails ripped off.. the pain is like excrutiating.. so now 3 of us is cramped at dear's room cuz dear's dad is praying outside.. im off right now and to my sis falah.. im realli sori tt im a real pain but too bad u're stuck with me under the same roof so u haf to stand tt... anddddd of course bear with our dads... ahacks.. au revoir..

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26 February 2004 10:42:00 PM

Oh my gawwwwd! it's oredy thurs.. i realli tout today was wednesdaeee.... and i hadn't started studying! Im sooo gonna be dead.. hahaha i tink imma get my butt back on my books... exams is less than errr 3 days i tink.. wish me luck! and best of luck to those who are taking their O's results... *sighs* back to my endless midnite studying.. bonsoir, au revoir...

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1:25:00 PM

Kinda feeling low right now.. Haiz- i was all hipped tt we're going to bai's dad hse.. But dear cuden get an off so i guez we haf to skip tt plan.. *sobs* nvm bout tt.. hmm listening to goo goo dolls right now.. this song makes me feel so alive.. haha ok2 nuff crap.. getting ready, going over to dear's place... au revoir..

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1:10:00 PM

*Miss ma dear sooooooo much!*

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12:14:00 AM

Im back home! Juz came back from bai's work place.. accompanied fariq.. so yea we PLANNED to study.. but end up slacking around.. had a blast juz now, we sat down and tok about our past years... it's kind of nice to tok abt our past.. the uniform days.. *sighs* i miss schooool...

Yesterday was ok.. picked dear up from work den went to east coast.. GRRRRRR DIANA! tell us last min go pit! hehehee tout of giving it a past.. but since i heard lots are cuming down, dun wanna miss the fun.. so yea... diana was late! hehe she said be there by 4.. i reached there at 530 n she wasn't dere.. haha apadaaaahh organiser... hehehe so yea.. the guys started the fire.. and the guys did the cooking... while we gurls sit and watch them sweat... heh~ hmmm and our Mr Jack and Ms Jill came later near 7.. lucky u guys the food was still available.. kalau tak makan pasir jelah eh... they took over the bbq-ing.. kesian bibik.. pakai lawa2.. kene bbq... guez she and acit got the talent of bbq-ing.. ley bukak kedai eh.. *winks* Hmm so we sat and joke ard.. i almost had tummy cramps from laughing so hard... tt pian arh.. endless jokes... and abg wan.. tak pandai kecik.. asik melawan je.. pian gurlfren, she was very jovial~ nice having her around.. sad thing was we cuden stay long cuz i had dinner date at west coast with my inlaws.. hehehe

Took cab there, bumped into nina and praz.. had their dinner there too.. sweeet~ i had mutton chop as usual.. chit chat chit chat den went off.. slept over at mama's place cuz i was too lazy to go home.. wished i cud stay there permanently cuz it seems tt my mom is keeping a distant from me.. *sighs* nuthing's new to tt.. i guez i let nature does it's course.. au revoir..

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24 February 2004 1:50:00 PM

Haha suddenly i dun feel like quitting skewl.. gonna miss tt whole bunch of great monkeys! hehhehe *sighs* reminds me of my last semester.. eat in class, sleep in class, sing in class, coming late for class... played pool together during long breaks.. awwww gonna miss those times.. *sobs* maybe i shuden quit afterall..

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12:24:00 AM

My student card has been found!! Woooppeee!! hehehe never been luckier.. i dun need to waste my 20 bucks on making a new one i guez.. hmmm juz finished watching PRAHARA - achik and nana.. it's such a beautiful story.. i mean the story really explains wats love actualee means.. *sighs* and ya- i was wundering why achik looks so familiar to me.. den i realised he looks exactly like racun.. the height.. the features.. hehe.. i tink im gonna flirt with my bed now.. bonsoir, au revoir..

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23 February 2004 8:54:00 PM

Just got off from my lil sis's bloggie.. haha pity her.. having freedom deprived.. well i feel it too my dear sis but im too sick to brag about it.. so hang on there.. never think too much of it coz in the end u'll find urself half drowning yet u'll still be looking for the freedom u seek for.. so i guez u cud imagine how much me and abg noor had to suffer to get our freedom but then think back again, do we realli have the freedom? haha maybe not. nevermind lah sis, maybe it's for our own good tt daddy is like this.. maybe.. i dunno and i dun wanna know coz i cud feel the excrutiating pain within me.. *breathes hard*

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5:21:00 PM

Wehoo! It's monday! suprisingly im not having the monday blueeees *winks* went over to dear's place... tout of studying but nahhh skipped tt idea.. watched harry potter instead while eating some junk foodss his mom cooked for us.. yummmy... but dangg i left my hp there.. diden realise it till his mom called us.. nvm gonna pick it up tomm before having dinner with them... cheers my fren! Au revoir...

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22 February 2004 11:13:00 PM

*Dearest Dad.. A song specially for you*

Hey Dad look at me
Think back and talk to me
Did I grow up accordingTo plan?
Do you think I"m wasting My time
Doing things I wanna do?
But it hurts when you
Disapprove all along

And now I try hard to make it
I just want to make you proud
I 'm never gonna be good Enough for you
I can"t pretend that I'm alright
And you can"t change me

Cuz we lost it all
Nothing lasts forever
I'm sorry
I can"t be Perfect
Now it"s just too late
And we can"t go back
I"m sorry
I can"t be Perfect

I try not to think
About the pain I feel inside
Did you know you used to be
My hero?
All the days
You spent with me
Now seem so far away
And it feels like you don"t
Care anymore

And now I try hard to make it
I just want to make you proud
I"m never gonna be good
Enough for you
I can"t stand another fight
And nothing's alright

Nothing's gonna change
The things that you said
Nothing's gonna make this
Right again
Please don"t turn your back
I can't believe it's hard
Just to talk to you
But you don't understand

*I dunno how i can make it in the coming years without you being by my side and seeing u as my dad who raised me 17 years back.. thing's changed dad.. i've grown over the years.. i need more space, more freedom, a right to speak and stand for myself.. one thing i know, no matter how difficult it is for me to go along with you, the love for you wud never change.. u're my dad afterall.. and no things in this world wud be able to repay for the legacy you shared.. thank you dad.."

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11:02:00 PM

So it's good my dad has given me green light to quit skewl.. so maybe im quitting and take up my private A's... hmm i duno.. im already halfway thru.. but it's like so so hard to study when i haf no interest in it.. *sighs* i felt so so sorry for wat happened juz now.. yea how stupid cud i be? juz a simple apology to my dad wud change everything and ease the tense.. *sighs* maybe i'll write a sorry card tomoro for him.. *sobs* it's so hard to be a daddy's girl with no freedom... even my small sis is feeling it so haha sumtimes she helps me out.. and sumtimes i help her out.. i tink i wanna go eat rite now.. so so hungry.. haden eat since morning.. bonsoir au revoir my friends..

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2:48:00 PM


DAY 1: Met bai and riq at the ntuc resort itself.. booked our kampong hut... i was suprised it wus DAMN small haha.. but nvm.. 4 of us was willing to squeeze in one hut.. the smaller the better right? *winks* hmm we diden go out much coz making full use of the 50 bucks we paid for the hut haha.. we slept till like 12 noon den watched ALONG CAME POLLY on dear's laptop before heading for pahlawan beach to get our bfast-plus-lunch at 7-11.. budget lah.. all going broke... den we ate at campsite corner.. cuz got a couple of benches there... thank god we got the shady spot if not we'll be burning chikkedies... before heading back to our hut got ourselves a stick of aiskrim... yum yummm.. ate in the monorail.. hehe eh sardinee je... hmmm trying to recall wats next... ooo den we slept again coz our tummy's all full till 6 cuz all of us was awoken by this metal gig at the beach.. decided to see... but bahhh it's not gud... haha den headed for the sea.. ewwww~ it was low tide so no matter how far we go it's still at our chest level.. and the sand under the sea was so polluted... all geli oredy... hahaha and bai nearly got cut by a beer bottle but thank god the bottle wasn't broken.. hmm letme see wats next... owh den we stroll along the beach and head for the swimming pool near our resort... it was so so so nice... hahaha the pool was chlorine free.. so after we swam we diden bathe coz our hair dozen sticks nor stinks.. moreover the hut has no toilet.. so we haf to bathe in the public toilet and the shower is not in the toilet... it's outside the toilet haha.. juz wipe ourselves dry den headed for town... cuz bai haf to collect her pay and i had to went home fer awhile..

DAY 2: at around 1130pm i creeped myself out and took cab to sentosa... bai n riq did alot of food shoppings hahaha.. they bought vodka, chips, cup noodles, softdrinks.. yumm yumm had cup noodles for dinner then we played a few cardgames.. hahaha bai looks cute when she drinks.. she haf this different face expression... and i wasn't walking straight haha.... yea yea yea riq.. u was eagerly waiting for me to recite ABC right? *winks* all of us was so so tired till we slept snoringly.. i had to go home ard 6am by cab cuz sumting happened at home.. wanna brag about it cuz arghsss! it'll juz make me cry.. damn! i was sooo planning to swim in da morn before we check out.. but nvm... the 2 days 1 night stay was real satisfaction.. i mean it's so nice to spent ur whole day with ur friends and ur loved ones... love ya loads ma dear and of cuz my dear friends bai n riq.. thanks for the wunderful short holiday hehe.... we'll haf it again cuming june ok? but this time it's no more kampong hut.. it's gonna be RASA SENTOSA! *yippppe* and dear keep ur words tt it's gonna be ur treat haha... *huggs*

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20 February 2004 10:40:00 PM

My laptop is up and running again! woohoo! went jurong to get it fixed den dropped my darlx sis a suprise visit.. CHIAKS REN! *winks* den i went home put my stuffs and head to town... had dinner at puncak.. been a long time ever since i ate nasi goreng yum yumm.. went window shopping.. arghs! im all red for this camo skirt... it's on sale.. and sheesh! why must i be broke now... *sobs* and this cutie tee at ZARA simply caught my eyes... *sighs* how ren? wanna shop summore? haha not when im broke tt is.. and finaleee i got bai her bdae gift... wooooooooooots cun wait for tomm!! SENTOSA HERE I COME!!!!

*ren im sooo sori tt i broke my promise.. *sobs* i fergot i had to go to da beach with u tomm... i proooomise i make it up to u next week k? afterall im having my one week study break! YIPPEE!! we can go on weekdaysss!! *smiles*

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1:03:00 PM

Im such a noti gurl todae.. *grins* supposed to go to skul at 8, instead, i reached skewl at urmm ard 1030.. skipped my ITA.. *phew* even i come, it's no use. my laptop is down. kinda bored rite now, dear is working so i guez i haf to go to jurong east all by myself *sighs* nvm, tomm gonna be a blast for sure! hehehe gonna celeb bai's bdae at sentosa! well, we're stayin over at kampong hut.. cun wait for tomm!!! *yippppe* gotta hit the class now. it's running late... au revoir..

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19 February 2004 11:03:00 PM

He's ma everything..

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10:10:00 PM

It was perfect. After so so long, our day went beautifully today. Felt a lil drifted before, but i was wrong, we were still close as ever. he'd been nice. charming. and sweet, yum yum.. accompanied me home to take my laptop but eventualee didn't had time to send it for service, prolly tomm.. went to watch his soccer game, he's as cute as ever.. he looks like teletubby on field.. sorry dearie *winks* had dinner at mac king's albert with hermie and ayu. head home. *sighs* wish today was everyday. it's been quite sometime we spent our day like this. cun be blamed, both of us been busy. me with my studies, dear with his work and studies. pity him sometimes tt he had to juggle btw work and study.. *huggs* owh i almost fergot, i lost my student card today.. haf to get a new one before the exams.. *sighs there goes my 20 bux..* but im not feeling lost about it haha.. just a card.. who cares.. *smiles* guez shud be sleeping right now.. m so so tired.. bonsoir, au revoir..

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18 February 2004 10:38:00 PM

my laptop went bonkers.. it wus perfectly fine then, the next minute i cun switch it on.. funny thing m not feeling low about it.. guez i haf to borrow dear's for the time being.. gonna send it for services tomm.. m like so so lazy.. bahhh- guez today was a-okay.. no mood swings.. no sweet nothings.. it went perfectly normal.. and i hope by tomm i'll b back to my usual self.. prolly under too much stress.. exams are juz around d corner.. wish me luck i'll b able to make it.. bonsoir, au revoir..

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17 February 2004 10:11:00 PM

punk shirt.. tappered pants... and big skate shoes.. wat concept do u call tt? i guez the boy i saw juz now must be confused... nywae nyhow im feeling sick about everything.. everything is moving on so so fast that i cun keep up coz maybe m moving too slow.. been putting studies on my first priority tt im insensitive of the pple around me.. im sorry to all.. im sorry if i cun be dere for you no more.. i'll let the history or watever shiets happen juz now a past.. its my fault..

there's not much to update bout today.. first a fall, den a smile and lastly tears to my day.. m lonely.. m feeling so lost.. m i jeopardizing my life? *bite my lips and close my eyes, take me away to paradise...*

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4:13:00 PM

Woweeeeeeeeeeeee!!! im extremely happy today! *smiles* i got 100% for my pp2 common test- *jumps2* well... i had a rough morning though... being clumsy me, i fell in the toilet.. thanks to my mom who didn't rinse the floor after washing it.. now my back hurts and my hands are full with unnecessary scars.. *sighs* i nearly cried my hearts out coz i cuden get up.. my butt hurts so bad... wat an experience! but then it's nuthing new... im clutzy... yes renn!! i know u wud say tt im alwaysss clumsy... lalala~ take care all.. muaks! au revoir..

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16 February 2004 11:34:00 PM

Is this a sick season or sumting? Im likee sooo near to the exams and damn! i haf to be down with a bad cold.. im feeling sooo fcuked up cuz i planned to study fer tomm's test juz now and darn! i feel asleep.. now im in no mood at all to revise anything.. my brain's went toot toot dead while i was asleep... thank god i had a splendid afternoon... if not i'll be feeling dready right now... spent my noon over at dear's place... watched hindi with his mom.... *blessed* urghs! i cun take this flu animore.. gotta hit the bed and fuck tomm's paper... m gonna flunk.... asinine!

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9:14:00 AM

Hey Hey Hey! Gud moooooooooaning my friends! im currently in my library cafe duin sum lib research sheits.. im soooo damn lazy... pian is oredy off to watch the tv... so im stuck with ayie to get done with this thing... prolly off to borrow and watch vcd while waiting for dear later... *yawns* im soooo sleepy so i guez it's a valid excuse for me not going to class layter... besides it, maybe cuz ayie and pian not going n i'll be all aloneeee..... alamak ayie is nagging at me for hogging on this bloggie... i guez i better get going... au revoir...

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15 February 2004 7:48:00 PM

It's just like another sunday to me.. Im feeling damn bored at home.. and my body aches for sleeping too long.. i woke up at 330 today! hehe anak dara millenium katekan.. even if i were to wake up early, i will have nuthing to do coz the home was empty... everybody's out and im in my bed far far away in my dreamland... hmmm amazingly, im blessfully happy today eventhough im bored.... coz u know why? WILLIAM HUNG BANGS MY DAY! hehe saw the encore telecast and i was luffing my lungs out.. he's sure one cute chap... he may not haf the personality but he sure haf the voice.... hmmmm i betta get ready now cuz haf to accompany my granny to pasar malam.... au revoir..

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3:53:00 AM

My dream came true!! dear came over to surprise me with 2 stalk of roses... i was so so sooo touched.. never in my 17 years i get a rose from someone who truly cares for me... i dunnow why but i find flowers so romantic... was so jealous juz now when i saw the girls carrying roses....but i now i shudn't be! *smile smile smiles* au revoir...

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12:25:00 AM

HURRAH!! Finaleeee i had a splendid valentines... Thanks to my dearest yan and renny! First thing in da morn i met dear n we had erm bfast lunch at LJS... den we headed for town.. went forum to get renny's gift.... later had coffee break at ayie's place and yum yumm the valentine's cake we bought was supa yummy! but we cuden spent time together for long cuz dear had to work on dat day... *sobs* ard 3 i met hermie den both of us waited for renny... like usual.. LATE! hahhahah den accompany hermie search for a gift for ayu.... tt guy arh... kalah pompan.... diz dowan dat dowan.... he quickly got his stuffs and met ayu... left me and ren!! wowweeeeeee~ shopped at ZARA... again.... hehehehe bought a tee for dear n myself... hmmm den roam here roam dere... and finalee!! CINELEISURE!!! took neoprints... WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!! hahhaha posing sampai terbaring baring hehehhe... den had to go to my aunts place so ren and i took da train.. as usual had the "sisters" talk... *winks2 ren*

Renny dear, thanks alot for spending my valentines with me.. it had been a hella great one... and thank you so so much for being part of my life... u brought laughter to my tears and courage to my fears... i wuden haf been able to be as happy as i am today if it was not for you.... RENNY ELYANI here is one and only sister whom never fail to put a smile on my lonely days.. she had been there to listen and pull me up when i fall..... one thing i know, forever we'll be THE SOTONG SISTERS!! Muahhhhhhhhhhs!!

Dun we look alike?? i bet we do.. dat's why we're sisters! *smiles*

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14 February 2004 12:36:00 AM

*How's my blogskin? It's juz temp before settling for a better one..*

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13 February 2004 11:40:00 PM

owh great wat a day... *sighs* it's weekends finalee.. you bet i shud be excited? well no. tomm is vdae and sad thing is my date is working.. every yr the same old thing.. but bahh~ i dun mind... aniday shud be a special day for me n him.. not onli vdae... though a lil upset abt it... i dreamt of the flowers and the special moments... *drools* nvm.. i guez i meet him awhile before he's off to work... gosh.. so many things happen today and my predictn was right... today gonna be a dread... wish i cud shout my lungs out.... hepi v'day my friends... au revoir..

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8:47:00 AM

I guez i woke up from the wrong side of the bed today. Not in da mood to do anything. shucks! again... im in my excel class.. and this whack wun stop versing in chinese.. helllooo this is a multi racial class.. wat shiets.. but nvm~ im in no mood to argue.. as long as she dun rubbed me wrongly, i'll mind my own beeswax... i tink im off... feeling so down in da dumps.. i predict today will be a dread for me.. *sigh* au revoir...

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12 February 2004 10:37:00 PM

That's it. Im totally shagged. so i did manage to drag my ass to skewl to fetch dear from soccer... slept for an hour before that cuz my eyes were heavy... hmmm well the night went a-okay.. manage to get a glimpse of dear playing soccer... when i reached the stadium, i was so doink~ i was looking for ayu and how silly can i be? she sat juz a few steps away from me.. from far she looked like nisha so i diden get the courage to approach her... who knows i might get the wrong person.. before home had dinner at clementi with hermie ayu and dear... no wonder im tired right now.. been walking alot and resting less.. im holding up my white flag now.. gonna put myself to bed... bonsoir, au revoir...

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4:08:00 PM

*sigh* home at last.. only today i can enjoy this privillage of goin home early.. finished class at 3.. been a very very tiring month for me... office hours schedule - 8 to 5 everyday.. and been havin this bad eyebags... onli sleep ard 4 hours daily.. caught up with lots of projects and homework.. i guez the school had squeezed my brain dry... but im glad im at this state.. not that im insane or sumthing.. at least i know im working hard enuff to catch up with my studies.. i want to prove my parents wrong tt i can make it.. *sighs* it's so pressurizing... im oredy missing school my secondary school life... at least now i learn to appreciate secondary school hours... and studying back then was much more relaxing than now... *sighs* well im still deciding whether to watch dear for his soccer training later.. i know i wun be alone this tyme coz ayu wud be there but im very very tired.. trust me dear, it's not an excuse... u seen for urself how exhausted i was juz now... sumtimes it makes me wanna cry... i dun even know why... im so stressed- im stuck in a class with hardworking smarties and im afraid of lagging behind... already sum lecturer lookin down on me *sigh- wat's new abt dat?* geee~ feel like giving up but wadda heck.. im already half way thru and im sure i can make it... im sori guys... i know this entry is long and full of complain... guez shuden drag animore.... sumone pleaseee help me.... *sobs* au revoir...

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11 February 2004 11:47:00 AM

Freakin bored rite now in da lib... Making noise with hafiz and abbas... those two geeks... where is bai.. sheesh no where to be found and im hungry!! yesterday was freakin tiring day.. so is today... both days ends at 5... arghs! even secondary school is not this long... everyday 8-5... im suprised that im surviving.... lots of projects are due this friday.. thank god im done with 2 and left with 1... *Sighs* guez im off rite now.. too tired to update.. au revoir..

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09 February 2004 11:25:00 PM

woooppee!! im done with my soldering.. n im sooo hepi... basically im in a hyper happy mood today.. 1st my sista treating me... second i finished up with my homeworks n ahead of time.. 3rdly RENN!!! She made my day! it feels so good to hear tt someone actualli thinks about u *winks* n yan pls eh.. we're not lesbo... if u think we r.. then u're one too, coz i lup u tooo muah muah muahs! *evil grins* last but not least... dear had been there for me when i needed him the most... thanks guys for brightening up my life... i lup u all!! muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs!! *smooch dear* diz one i kenot gif u lah ren later pple realli think we're abnormal! *winks*

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10:04:00 PM

hehe i decided to delete my last entry cuz errr i simply changed my view... my sis was a sweetie today.. she accompanied me to town n we shop till we drop *smiles* she asked mom for a couple of bux then we headed for ZARA... bought a tshirt for ourselve which we decided to share.... den went ard far east but i cuden find the shoelaces i wanted.... we decided to have our dinner at KFC wisma... heheheh she treated me... see i told u she's a sweetie... :p den we met dear at paragon... haha i keep teasing him "BOSS" coz he really looks like one.. with his coat and tie... *winks* before home we went heeren and againnnn my sis treated me.. i got myself a pair of shoelaces for my new shoe!! wopppeee! im goddamn hepi rite now.. hell yea i am... CHEERS!!

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08 February 2004 3:59:00 PM

*Another Typical Weekend-*

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07 February 2004 10:38:00 PM

It's a great one. simply purrfect. well i was all hipped and content dat dear is not working split today.. well met him at workplace... waited at bar.. saw nina.. chopped her hair real short.. look kinda chick on her.. wokies den we headed for lido where we met up with bai and fariq... another double date *smileees* we decided to catch a movie... initial plan was to watch ALONG CAME POLLY but the only time slot available was midnite... *sigh* den wanted to watch stuck on you.. but the onli seat available was the front seat... sooo we watched gothika.. nice movie! Well before the movie starts we bought our meal at LJS and ate it outside lido since there weren't any seats available... hmmm after tt we still haf like 45mins left so we headed for ZARA... wopppee!! i oredy got tt tee i wanted!! *SMILES WIDELY!!* bai and i plan to wear tt on tuesday... i tink imma ask my dad for errr 30 bux tomoro to buy another tee and another shoe hehe... i want buy converse and another zara tee... but i duno which colour is nicer... the green or the pink... still deciding hehe.... well if i go on.. my story will never end... i guez i shud better stop right here.... ooo not yet....

Dearest : im realli glad tt u actualee talk things out on da bus and on our way home... it relieves me to know how u realli feel... and i love u loads too... *huggs*

and now... it's the real end to my day... *phew* Bonsoir, au revoir..

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06 February 2004 9:43:00 PM

Wohoooooo my comp is up and running once again.... reinstall windows n system files everything... foooh~ it took a whole day to haf this comp back to normal.. *phew!* Ok so hmm today was simple and another tiring day for me.. went to mustapha centre with my mom.. well i made her angry by making her wait for me... i rushed dere in a cab coz dear insist me to... well overall i diden get nything coz i cuden find tt shirt i wanted *sighs*.. buat penat je... but nvm... den i we had our dinner at TEKKA MALL FOODMORE.... wow i really ate alot today.. had 2 meal of westernbites.... *smiles* one in da noon and another with ma mom.... now im all full... i guez i better get going and fix a lil prob with my comp... be back layter i guez.. au revoir...

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12:25:00 AM

Gosh im too tired to revis for Excel.. i guez i might give it a pass.... today was terrific onli tt im not in ma best mood... u know... gurls thang.. but nvm... i still enjoyed myself... went town with dear bai n fariq... we windowed shop at ESPRIT and ZARA... bai and i decided to buy this shirt "POP TWINS" at ZARA.. its damn cute and sure for grab kind of thing... gonna get that next week and prolly a pair of pants too...fariq n dear wanna buy ESPRIT MY BOIFREN THE COOLEST shirts... those two are always as weird as ever... hahha gays? errrrrrrrr- better not think of it... well it's supa hella fun going out with riq n bai coz those two are as geeky as us.. hehe *yawns* i guez i betta get going... au revoir...

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04 February 2004 11:17:00 PM

wokies juz finished watching anak metro n was browsing thru my old pics.. awww kinda miss my netball gurls... saw our pic at east coast... recalled back the fun moments.. and i cud still remember when we were playing the games they organised... the so called "i see with my lil eyes".... i was laughing back at the time when shidah was soo enthu on finding those stuffs like coconut in da sea.... the penyapu and everything... and i actualli lost my earrings becoz i was so gabra to gif it to them .. and another game was looking for the paper where they drew smiley faces... and hell yea they realli2 hide them practically everywhere... and i mean it when i say EVERYWHERE... i had to seach high and low... on the tree... at the longkang... yeaps... those were the nice moments.. went swensens and the departing moments were so touching.... *sobs* miss u gurls.... Hmmm suddenly i miss the beach.... ren!! when wanna go again?? *smiles*

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3:49:00 PM

Ooooooo renny make me think about valentine's... geesh! Now im totally blank on what to get for dear.... it's like my first official valentines... i've gotta make it purrfect.. hmmm but still i insist on having dinner at beach rd.. ya ya ya i know it's not classy at all... i juz wanna eat there... the foood is yumm yumm.... ok ok back to gifts... nyone haf any ideas?

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3:30:00 PM

Im supa happy today... dun ask me why.. i juz do.. nuthing much happened though.. but still im happy..! And not forgetting im supe crazee.... *Smiles* i shouted for no reason in class... mayb becoz i get wrong for my assignments.. but still im smiling widely now... mayb going over to bai's working place later.. dat gurlfren juz know how to make my day~! she'll sure gimme free frapp wohoo~ ok now i gotta run... all enthu for programming *Smiles again* see~ im so hepi that i smile so much... muahs!

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03 February 2004 10:13:00 PM

*tired.... tired... and very tiredd*

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4:07:00 PM

Ishk!! Tgk kanak2 burger nie... flood tag aku... ahhahah tapi takpe... i dun care.. coz it's free!!! Currently in class and im so soooooo tired.. eyes half open... but thank god i get to sleep in my maths lecture.... for solid 20 minutes... Haiz... im so broke now.. baru dpt collection da broke... there goes my converse.. *sigh* nvm diz mth bill i'll ask mom to pay 50 bucks for me 1st since she insist me on not working.. *yipppie!* im damn hungry and im craving for porridge... burgers... hotdogs... ooooo everything i can think off... *drooooooooooooooooooooooooooolsss*...

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02 February 2004 10:24:00 PM

Ooooooooo man my day was supposed to be terrific till my parents had to spoil it... went out with the usual geeks - wan, man unta and yan.. I had planned so nicely what to buy and what time i shud be meeting dear.... i was over at paragon skimming at Quik's when my sis smsed me saying tt my parents wud be picking me up... though they told me to take my time.. it practically spoiled my mood to shop... haiz was hoping to go home with dear but *sighs*... it's over aniwae... and im not in my best mood now... got warning email for low attendance.. stupid DE lecturer.. 1st - he's long-winded, talks cock... 2nd - he's boring!... 3rd - he keeps accusing me and my mates for coming late for lectures just because we didn't sign the attendance list first thing we came to the class... SHESSH!!!! ok talking about him juz rage my anger... im fuming mad... i guez i better hit da bed now.. au revoir..

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1:06:00 AM

ARGHS!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr~ *bish bush* bahhhhhhhh!! im going bonkers!! fug fug fug!!

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12:46:00 AM

Gosh~ Programming is driving me nuts! Oooo i suddenly feel like pulling my ears, hairs.. etc...- too stressed... can sumone help me? Pleaseee.... i cun sleep if i cun perfect out my programs...pleaseeeeee-

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01 February 2004 10:14:00 PM

Today is definitely a gd one for me... Though im sad to see dear is working today.. haiz wish he could get off today.. but.. he cun.. haiz.. Well before i was off to boon lay to visit my gramps, i had a scrumptious breakfast.. had longtong and soto ayam.. yum yum... reached my gramps ard 12.. as usual... i ATE again... hehehe but this time nasi briyani.. and i ate lots and lots of chickens... *slurps* i spent the rest of my day at my place, spending time with my small cuzzies... those kids are getting cuter by the day... juz love to pinch their cheeks and eh heh... their eyes... forever sepet! hehe And i'm happy to announce im half loaded... got around 80 bucks! heheh woooo~ but i'll declare myself half broke in 2 days time coz i haf to burn 52 bucks for my bus concession.. *sighs* well... been thinking if i shud work at ghaf's working place.... tt nutty cuzzie of mine say he can try help me ask.. but then reviewing my summing projects... i guez i shud gif it a pass... *sighs* wat else... haf to struggle to settle my ever-booming bills...*bills bills bills - rolls eyes* haf to skip shopping for this month... but by hook or crook.. im gonna get a pair of converse shoes.. maybe hi-cut... it's a must get thing in my wish list- To all, Slamat hari raya Haji.. Au revoir...

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12:15:00 AM

I'm sorry i can't be perfect. I'm not the angel u used to see.

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