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B Junior

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nur hidayah
21st june 1986


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"These are her random thoughts. Should anyone finds her entries offending or harmful, please close your eyes and stop reading you goof! :)"




26 November 2006 5:30:00 PM

to my horror,
it's going to be december soon! how time flies.

i fergot what i wanted to blog just now. anw, anyone know where to get a stress ball? i need it, badly. before i really go crazy.

bunny anyone? i think im going to get one.
au revoir.

posted by B Junior @ 5:30:00 PM 
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03 November 2006 8:49:00 PM

ola. been some time m updating. so here i am. back with not so juicy updates lar.

the new job is brain damaging. really. i mug like crazy for training thus the reason for my short hiatus. neverless, it taught me how to multi task. now i can walk and eat my breakfast at the same time. ok not that it's a good thing. but it helps me alot since time is essence.

ok next, hari raya. simple but meaningful. short and sweet. no photos taken so please don't ask for any. heh.

right. see how mundane life is for me now. people, we'll definitely catch up soon hokay. zulos if you're reading this, i don't owe u any ice cream!! u duped me! hah.

au revoir.

posted by B Junior @ 8:49:00 PM 
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