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B Junior

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nur hidayah
21st june 1986


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"These are her random thoughts. Should anyone finds her entries offending or harmful, please close your eyes and stop reading you goof! :)"




25 September 2004 1:29:00 AM

Pretty Pretty Day.

Work was tiring. BK is having tons of promotions lately. And i was going bonkers doing lotsa lotsa burger. Dun be suprised if you see me looking like a burger. Aga? wat did i mean by tat? ok ignore me. this is burger craze symptoms. Everyone who does burger board will encouter this loads of madness.

Anyway, m feeling pretty content these days. From my exam results down to my love life. Everything is smooth sailing and im glad about that.

Im missing my kakak arliana. my dearest wait till sunday kay!? We'll have boogie woogie fun. Aga? Wat's that again? madnesss..... ok stop it dayah.

Andddd.... yes i miss you too ms renny elyani. Hope you enjoyed your burfdae. You're lucky to haf sister edziani to organise a chalet for you. *winks*

Oooooooooooooo ive got to go now. Nature calls. Been having this bad stomach cramps. What did i eat actualee? Hmpph... i cun quite remember. Prolly my tummy is filled with junkies- actualee in this midst of excruciating pain, im craving for milk chocolates. oh yea- they sounds great and taste yummmmayyy! m gonna get tt very soon.. the first thing when i wake up that is!

P/s : Thanks aite Amber for telling me there's such thing as system restore. If not i'll be deprived of the internet! hiyakkkks.

Have a great weekend everyone! Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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22 September 2004 9:51:00 PM

It's a girl!

I had a great time just now. Visited leena and her newborn at KK. She is as beautiful as her mom and im sure she'll grow up to be a fine lady 10 years to come. She's cute... really!

"Don't say i didn't told ya she's cute!"

"I wish she's ours. Don't ya feel the same too suga-suga?"

"This is the rightful mother of the cute girl."

Yes. The baby has a name. Nur Nadia : short and sweet ain't it? Aisha remy and luqman were hilarious. They made so much noise and i think leena's bed neighbours were getting annoyed. Awww- we're sorry ya.

I've got to go now. My final CuCom test is tomorrow. I can't bear to flunk this paper. So i'll end with my pictures of the day! The twoooooooooo gooons! * dunch kill me luqman :) *

"Aisha! You can run but you can't hide. Muahahahhaaha"

"Mr Siao Ding Dong of Burger King. Interested parties? Visit him at woodbridge please."

Good day everyone! Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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21 September 2004 11:24:00 PM

Jack, I'm flying!

I just loveee Titanic. Don't you!? I've been a BIG BIG fan of Leonardo eversince they launched their movies 6 years back.

My obsession went wild after that. I bought all their collectables items. Watches, posters, photos etc... Loads of them! My mom even helped me get those stuffs. i soooo love her for that!

But the ending... awwwwwwwww- it's sad to see leonardo died. i think jack and rose makes a perfect couple. Don't they?

Haish- see! i just can't get enough of that movie and partially, my part-time heart throb leonardo. Hmmmmmm... I sense some jealousy here.. hehehehehe Dun weri suga suga- u'll still be the apple of my eye *winks*

I think i should watch it one more time one vcd before i dawdle with moi bed.

Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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20 September 2004 10:18:00 PM

What do friends bring to your life?

It kept me thinking all day in the bus. And i don't think friends are an extra wardrobe, happy hangovers and great memories. Maybe it's more like guilt-trips galore and critical comments. Not for all, for some i can say...

"Friendship is a reciprocal relationship that's important to your wellbeing. Good friends offer their encouragement, honesty and laughter. They're there to help shape us, support us and offer a refuge.."

Well it sounds more like a bra! hwakhwkhaka- ok stop it dayah.

Reality check : Not too many, not too less. What matter most is quality not quantity. I don't care how many friends i have but on the ones that makes me feel fantastic! Like my sotongbola renny elyani-- i lurve ya babe! loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads..

Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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19 September 2004 1:14:00 AM

Work was fun!

First of all, pardon for my bad english and deteriorating vocabs. Been sumtime i read any books or speak proper english. :)

Anyway, my skin is peeling off and i look grosteque! My mom says im like a lost african. Geeeeesh- And to make things worst, this sudden headache is a serial killer! i can't walk nor do things right and it's so hard to doss. like i said before, pills are liars. i guess i just have to live with it.

Ok back to reality check : work was fun. fun? please don't laugh luqman. it was, ok. i was walking around most of the time, 'cause i was sick of working with patrick. he prefers to do a one man show kind of thing. i, nur hidayah, willingly gave him the honour to work alone and jam the burger board. *evil grins*

And.. the best thing was, i went home by cab. yeaps- frozen stocks came late. darn!

I really think i have to dwadle with my bed now. Really tired and m duin opening tomoro. kinda miss working with aisha. but m not excited to work with geogene though. i heard she's ms hygeine. i'll show her wat's hell in burger king.

Ok i'm off for now. and againnnn, to anyone who finds my entries boring, m really sorry- that's how i run my life : work, school, projects and never ending tests. *sighs*

"Laugh and the world will laugh with you. Cry and you cry alone.."

Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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15 September 2004 11:04:00 PM

Just another slow moving week.

Feeling kinda exhausted these days. Time flies so slowly that i can't even feel it's moving. I missed charmed today. Was rushing to get myself a decent top for tomorrow's video presentation.

Been watching 2 great stuffs on tv that sumhow grabbed my attention : True courage on Nicoll Highway and Amazing race. I don't normally have my ass stick to the chair while watching the stupid box, but i did.

I sympathised for the families involved in the nicoll highway incident. It's sad that your loved ones died in a tragic manner. Nobody deserves that. So yea, my fullest condolence to them.

Amazing race was really thrilling just now. I was shouting and jumping my hearts' out. The game is full of challenges and hypocrisy. M sure looking forward for next week's finale.

I realised sumting; my entry's kinda monotonous, doesn't it? I'm sorry if u guys felt bored reading this entry.

Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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14 September 2004 9:28:00 AM

Good morning angels!

Thank you so much guys for the tags. Feeling so much better now. Aniway ren, thanks aite for meeting me last sunday. i had so much fun! :)

I think im feeling kinda sleepiee. gotta sleep before my next class.

Au revoir.

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11 September 2004 11:04:00 PM

Hello there, the angel from my nightmare. I miss you-

I saw her just now. It aches, just like before; to see her walking out of my life. I still care for her and thinks of her just like before.

Those were the days, where we spent most of our time together. We even have our girl's calls late at night and i'll never get sick over it. She understood how i felt. I miss her. I miss her more by the day.

All those nights i cried, all those pain i felt; i hope i could get her back. But she never came back. Not anymore. She hates me more i think. Oh- i feel like crying again and again but i know all those tears i shed would never bring my bestfriend back.

But it's ok. I'll pray for her happiness day after day. Thank you lily for being there for me once.

"Fourteen was the best age ever. I'll never forget her."

"Thank you to you too nazzie. i had loads of fun being around you."

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10:50:00 PM

The sentosa trip.

I'm too lazy to add captions. i'll just throw the pictures yar..

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1:04:00 PM

Love the way you love me.

I need a new job. Anyone have recommendations? Please? Seriouslee, i hate this job. i really hate it. i mean the new management stinks! That's the reason why m not looking foward to work animore. But my cash is running real low. Help?

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08 September 2004 10:34:00 PM

Bacteria can be a small fry, but with BIG attitude.

Oh my.. i think every one is infected with this big mean ol' influenza. To top it all, my lecturer ticked me off today. He said i was supposed to be at home. WTFish! i went to skewl and he said tt. if i hadn't come to skewl, he will say i'm lazy. unpredictable man. sheesh-

Ok this pills are making me drowsy. i'll update the photos tomorrow. ok ok im sorry for procastinating. m just plain lazy. :)

Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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07 September 2004 10:46:00 PM

To my dearest kak Arliana Adnan..

M truly deeply madly sorry from the bottomest of my heart if you think im sombong or anything. It's just that im very very busy lately.

With what you may ask... well...

Im always rushing to school when u msg me.. Or..
M sleeping.. Or..
M busy eating, watching teevee.. Or..
I put my hp on silent mode ... And...
I'm on a real tight budget.....

I hope you understand ya... cuz m not working so often and god knows if i will work for the upcoming weeks... i'm just not ready to hit my working gears and my fever is playing games with me. like cookies you know - jap ade jap takde..

hope you understand yar.. and to all my friends out there too.. if i never reply your smses m realli sorry. oh i feel so bad. maybe worst. forgive me yar.

renny elyani : i can't wait to see you on sunday darlx...... *jumps*

Good Night All. Bonsoir, Au revoir.

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8:55:00 PM

Nutella is realli yummmay

I think i'll start by answering all my tags :

Kakak Azura : worytes! it's updated.
Yenny : I think u're fated to be with banglas. lolx-
Suga Suga : Aww u're the sweetest. m having a bad tooth decay. :)
Leeyan : tell me something i dunch know.
Sri : I miss yaaaa dearie. Jogging?
Stevo32 : Waalaikumusalam. Sronok memang dpt beanie :)

Ok that shud be it. M so sorry if i've promised i'll link you guys but i didn't. Hey but i've did it ald. Been pretty beezeee lately. Falling ill and all. But i'll be fine.

I'm too layzee to update. I'll upload the pics i took in sentosa if i've got the time ya? Cheers!

Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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03 September 2004 8:29:00 PM

I'm feeling gay today.

"Despite the BIG careless mistakes, i still got to hit my target!"

See! They happily trying to cheat 8 marks from me! Well the stoooped lecturer counted wrongly. I was furious because my lecturer refuse to listen to me till i asked him to personally count it himself. Voila- got my marks!

Anyway i brought home a new pet today. Guess what it is....

Nope! Not that... Think harder..


Give up?


I named it Honeystar.. She shall be my new companion from today! Ohh thank you sugar sugar- i loike it soooo much! :)

My weekends are packed. So i shall not be blogging. Miss me everyone. Yes renny- i miss you too. very much. Do meet me soon okae?

Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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02 September 2004 6:29:00 PM

"Hey Burger King!!...."

"Show me the money!"

I hate it when burger king implements their paying system. I prefer it twice a mth then once a month. Sheesh- i have to wait till 7th to get my green kachinks.

Anyhoots, i passed my exams. Thank god. Im hitting the bed now.
P/s: yanee, CT, Lisa : harlluuee bebehz!
Kakak Azura : I'm alright now. Thanks babe. muahs!

Au revoir.

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