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B Junior

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21st june 1986


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"These are her random thoughts. Should anyone finds her entries offending or harmful, please close your eyes and stop reading you goof! :)"




27 August 2004 10:38:00 PM

Some people can be really mean.

I can't believe my ears nor my eyes. I thought what's over is over but i guess it's not for you. What's up with the big hoo-haa you told my friend? And what's up with your daily dosage of bragging? Won't you stop bragging on how good you are or how big you've made a difference in one's life? Can you? No? Then it's a big too bad for you mister.

Know why?

Because you didn't even make an inch of difference in anyone. And for your info, i don't care if you accept me for whom i am or not. I don't gain nor lose anything. Again, you think it's thanks to you that im close to the people around me or vice versa? Hey mind you! Do you even know what's the meaning of shame!? God, i feel like puking. You disgust me. Thank You.

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4:33:00 AM

Congratulations Dr chopra.

I witnessed the wedding of Mr chopra and his Wife. It was held at Bishan. So yea- congrats aite newly wed.

I have to get my ass on my books now. It's ald 0430hours and ive yet touch my books. Feeling pretty drained so i do need my best of lucks.

"it's been 12 greats months sugar sugar."

Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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26 August 2004 9:29:00 AM

Good Moaning my friends.

I didn't realise i slept thru the whole night. Prolly i was really tired. I planned to wake up at 0200 hours to revise for my MPI but neeeeehhhh- sleep comes first.

I think m falling ill. my throat hurts. not now pls. i have 2 more papers to go. i'm gonna be plain lazy to revise for anything if m sick. my back hurts to. anyone wanna massage for me? heh-

Ok i think it's time for me to get my morning showers. Au revoir.

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25 August 2004 12:45:00 AM

It feels good.

She says : "Dad i applied the wrong fomula for my last question. Bingit sey!"
He says : " It's okay. it's only common test. You tried your best. Eh anyway, ade derivative?"
She says : " Yeaps. That's Mr killer."
He says : "I understand. i took it before."

Aww. It feels good when my dad told me that. I dun feel upset at all now. I think i did my best and i have no regrets. Im relieved what i studied came out.

Now i feel like blogging in malay. Helped my sister out composing a sajak. what do they call that in english? i dunch know. Anyway, i feel that my malay is deteriorating. I speak in broken malay and i can't even write well anymore. Ok maybe i hadn't been writing well. But bottom line is, i feel poly should do some language class or sumthing.

I've got to go. Need to start revising for my morning papers. *sighs*

p/s : Narz i think we should bombard kak azura's place and steal all her polly pockets away. lolx. polly pockets have extinct now. dunch u tink so? i hardly find it anywhere these days-

Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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24 August 2004 11:07:00 AM

Pills are liars. Math's a serial killer.

Ok m having this bad headache. And panadol is not the cure; cause i ate 2 of it ald but no effects nothing.

How about maths? It's the major cause to my headache. Now my brain's not functioning well. Been up all night trying to squeeze every inch of formulae but to no avail. Instead i end up with a pair of eyebags. *sighs*

But i think i did ok for the test. Ok means a pass not score with flying bananas. I found out that i had SO many careless mistakes after i left the examination hall. It always happens right? Always! You'll just feel like strangling yourself alive. ok maybe not. that's too extreme.

Anyway, i was flipping through my old pictures when i realised i miss my netball girls. It's been quite awhile we met. I miss the intensive trainings where all of us would pull a long face; cursing and swearing under the hot sun. Where our endurance were tested during our fasting month. Despite the oh-they-wanna-kill-us training, we always end our day with a smile. Sitting in the canteen for hours yakkading about plain ol' nothing.

See! How can i not love them!? They're just like my family.

I think i should stop here. I'm starting to repine too much. I think my body's hinting me to dawdle with my bed. Thank you all for sparing your time reading my oh so boring entry for today. Im impassive or could i say frigid? haha there- my joke is not even near gelastic! arghs! I do need help.

Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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23 August 2004 2:10:00 AM

Maths makes me mad.

Who said poly life was easy?


Knock yourself on the wall.

Nothing is easy okay. And my major barrier currently is Engineering Maths. Sounds easy huh? Dig your ears then!

It's driving me crazy- Evidence? See how cranky i can be! I want to excel in Maths but it's just not my forte. Is there any cure? Can someone please help. I rather die of somnolent than being drained slowly when revising maths.

I need something to rejuvenize myself. I think im getting too old. 18? Old? I've got to be kidding right? No, i'm not. This aches im suffering is of no help either. I want to enjoy. I want to turn back time when i'm only 8; care nothing but polly pockets. Anyone interested to join me? Please, tag me.

So i think i've enough of blogging. Mr Books are calling me again. Study and endure. Owh boy, can i just purchase endurance online? Bill it to my cashcard. Thank You.

Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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22 August 2004 11:54:00 PM

Blogging is addictive. Ain't it?

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3:07:00 PM

I missed the beautiful morning

*Yawns* it's 1500 hours and i juz woke up. how lazy can i be? very.

Well i've got to have my morning showers then hit the books. My papers are less than 2 days away and i hardly touch anything. *sighs*

If i can't stand this book sickness, how can i stand the big books when i go NIE. that if i am qualified to. nevermind. 1 and a half year to go in poly; and i'll be knocking the doors of NIE. pray with me everyone!

*Bubbly shower time!*

Au revoir.

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18 August 2004 2:13:00 AM

Jackass rawks!

"Hilarious. I loikeeeee-"

"My partyboy. Chris reminds me of sugar sugar."

"Bam Magera. This is Abbas."

"Mr Faizal a.k.a Raab Himself."

"Stevo. Jackass stuntman."

"Dropdead gorgeous. Johnny Knoxville!!"

Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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15 August 2004 11:22:00 PM

The tales of Doraemon

Once upon a time in a far far away kingdom, lives 3 little kids. With them lives a oh-so-cute doraemon.

Which belongs to ME by the way. Isn't he cute?

The whiskes and mouth?

Oh! it's a so long and sad story. I'll make it short and happy; my oh-so-nauty cuzin bro had went plucking off like nobody's business! *sighs*

Ok back to the story.

Mr Evil tried to kill it.

Making things worst, Ms Evil tried to ramp it alive! Oh tt's wicked! *booo hooo*

But don't worry; my oh-so-busyuk doraemon is still kicking!

Only that he suffered from a few scars. Oh evil you!

And they live happily ever after!

Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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14 August 2004 2:01:00 AM

One down. LOADS more to go!

Baik arh ngee ann! always piling up my projects.

"So little time so much to do.. i rather spend my days with you.."

I'm tired. Really. Not bluff bluff. I wanna cry. But i'm lucky enough to be able to finish my biggest project for this semester. *phew* Thank you my heroes for helping me out aite.

Work was horrible. My head got knocked by this Whopper tray and there's a big lump on my head *boo hoo* ok renny pls dun luff at me; i know u'll be laughing your ass off and say : klutz! *another big boo hoo hoo* i want to leave this job. but there's 1001 reasons for me not to. and three major reasons would be : "bills bills bills". Don't get me wrong aite, i always love the kachinks!


I miss my sugar sugar. where are you my sugar sugar?

"Hoooney, hoooney,
Sugar, ah my honey honey, yeah,
You are my candy boy
And you've got me wanting you." *sing-a-ring!*

Oh pardon my madness for tonight. im tired plus sleepy plus cannot sleep plus crazy plus double tired plus and the list goes on and on.

Work. School. Upcoming exams. Help 911? SOS?

Bonsoi. Au revoir.

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12 August 2004 1:15:00 AM

So, baby agreed to start a new with me. We both agreed to forget the past and open up a new chapter. We'll make this a perfect one honey.. we will..
It's been 11 great months hon.. thank you so much for being part of my life..

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11 August 2004 5:43:00 PM

Forget and always try to forget.

Watched Notebook with sugar sugar just now. I think it's really a terrific story; where she was forced to choose the love of her life. The way they put the story and everything. i just love it. do watch it.

Anyway, that movie reminds me of my life a year ago. A time where i was forced to choose who i really want to be with. And im happy to be with whom i am today.

thou pple say, "first love is always hard to forget."

we can try to forget. bury the hachet and start a new. i did.

To that someone whom i've hurt, im truly sorry. It's never revenge. "revenge ain't sweet, and it will never be." And you know it. I hope you'll be happy always because i am now.

To my sugar sugar, things had been hard; our ups and down. but we'd always try to hold on. and we manage to overcome the constant fear we had within us. i hope we'll always be this way- no matter how hard or how bad times may be.

Blink 182 : I miss you.

(I miss you, miss you)
Hello there, the angel from my nightmare
The shadow in the background of the morgue
The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley
We can live like Jack and Sally if we want
Where you can always find me
And we'll have Halloween on Christmas
And in the night we'll wish this never ends
We'll wish this never ends
(I miss you, miss you) x2

Where are you and I'm so sorry
I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight
I need somebody and always
This sick strange darkness
comes creeping on so haunting everytime
And as I stared I counted
the webs from all the spiders
catching things and eating their insides
Like indecision to call you
And hear your voice of treason
Will you come home and stop this pain tonight?
Stop this pain tonight

Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head
(I miss you, miss you)(6x)

I miss you, miss you(6x)

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10 August 2004 11:11:00 PM

Good evening everyoneee

Well, i had a scrumptious dinner tonight because it was bought from my bro. a drastic improvement there. kwang kwang kwang. ok so he drove us to bpp to get my stuffs. kaoz- so many changes since i last went there. well i can say, it looks more like lot1 to me. better shops and i think even more enthusiastic shoppers. MacDonalds going to have hard time making money because more fast food are opened now
. long john, mos burger..

Anyway, my sis and i got so bored tt we decided to take candids with moi phone. I was having fun making faces. Enjoy!

The "two" face. *hint : look at my fingers*

The round face.

The triangular face.

The square face.

And most of all, i'll pray i won't end up like this...

No face at all!

Future to be Miss Colgate.

I like this one, the two evil sisters. kwang kwang kwang.

Anyway, did i told ya suhaila salam came over to my place today?

What, no? What a waste!

You don't believe me? Hellooo.. you think i'm lying? THINK AGAIN!

Ok maybe you're right. or maybe i could prove you wrong! Evidence! Evidence!

She did came! On my tv screen of course! kwang kwang kwang.

Have fun all! That's all for today!

Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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12:24:00 AM

Hectic weekends, Monday blues.

Friday : I was attached at suntec. Boy! high volume store with shortage labour. i was almost dying. good thing was my bro picked me up after work. he drove all of us to newton because i oredy got my green kachinks! haha not much but enough to treat them for supper. how nice of me right? kwang kwang kwang. well after that we sent kakak to hospital as she was down with high fever eventhou it was already 0200 hours. but i did have fun despite the aching body and cramps.

"i wannaaa go home and sleeeeeeeep."

Abang Noor waiting patiently for his dear princess.

While i was having fun taking candids!

Saturday : I had trouble waking up early because both of us reached home at 0430 hours. We had to wait for almost an hour for the doctor. i was already grumbling and freezing! But i did manage to wake up and drag ma ass off from the bed. I went to meet ma bestie bai to return her shoe before heading for work. And sadly, work was kinda hard as i was really tired and what's more? It's SATURDAY night! tsk tsk...

Slugbug! I loooooove this car! *slurps*

Ole ole singapore! I love the starrrrrs!

Oh no... i hate sacrificing my saturday for work! Look at my sad face *boohoo*

Sunday : i worked full shift as i was attached to suntec. *sighs* yes yet again. Well i didn't know there was fireworks going on and i was stucked for an hour at esplanade busstop. I sat down at a corner and slept till the crowd subsized. But sad to say, it didn't even make a difference. Instead, pple pushed me around and some even kicked me. *booohoo* So i decided to become one typical nyonya; Pulling the long face and push around. it did work ok! i manage to board the bus and best thing is, i even got myself a seat-

Monday : BLUES! i was feeling the blues. i had to work. wat's new right!? arghhhhhhhhhs! i was about to enjoy my holiday but i had to work. how sad. do cry with me. now, i shall go and sleeeeeeep.

Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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05 August 2004 6:36:00 PM

What now?

So yah. i skipped my morning lessons. I took leave by the way. hehe yes im such an angel.


oh it's easy. i took my bro's mc and told them i had to look after him. yes yes, baby-sitting. kwang kwang kwang.

feeling all drained now. my cuzzies and kamarul is here to accompany my bro. i hope the painkiller had oredy subsized the excruciating pain. pity him. cuden even answer nature's call.

well well, my tummy hurts now. had a scrumptious lunch with ghaf and my sugar sugar. thanks for the generous treat sugar sugar.

are you thinking what i'm thinking B1?

i think you are..


Au revoir.

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12:50:00 AM

And the day is save, thanks to my brother!

Again, and yet again. i've tried to hold this hunger of retail therapy. BUT NO, i can't. Girls are girls afterall.


As i wanted to enter the huge heeren, i received a call.

Oooo! it was my brother. Unlike him to call me at that hour. But he did.

And the shocking news swept threw me. He was involved in an accident. And me, being the oh-so-loving sister *heh* rushed to the hospital.


Oh no worries my friend. he's fine. ok, not so fine. he had to stitch his finger with no 's' to that. so it's only A finger. ok i know. u all will go : "Like duhhh". fine.

And yes he had to bandage his knee because i think glass went poking in.

His bike, you may ask.

No. it's not ok. i tink 70% damage. the prominent one must be the plate. coz from wat i heard, it's almost bend into two. oh! a pity.

M so tired now. gonna make him a nice cup of milo and to bed i shall go. But, before i go, i would like to thank all of you who came down all the way to SGH just for my oh so loving brother. thank you all. merci. terima kasih.


Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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04 August 2004 9:52:00 AM


Take my photo off the wall
If it just won't sing for you'
Cause all that's left has gone away
And there's nothing there for you to prove

Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
Oh well, it seems likes such fun
Until you lose what you had won

Give me back my point of view
'Cause I just can't think for you
I can hardly hear you say
What should I do, well you choose

Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
Oh well, it seems likes such fun
Until you lose what you had won

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03 August 2004 11:36:00 PM

Tuesday Green

Paranoid? Na'ah. It feels good naming the days of the week.

I woke up on the right side of the bed today. Everything was good. BUT, Engineering maths is rather boring. i was happily doodling instead of cracking my head on the-oh-i-dunnow chapter.

Ok where's my pay? where's my pay!? Ohhhh when issit gonna be the 7th? I soo in need of my green chinks.

Things to do :

Things NOT to do :

Ok please dunch kill me. Shopping are girls' bestfriend. Infact, i dun mind going shopping alone. It feels good. Only that i must be really loaded.

So will you help me pray that my pay gonna be vavaboom?

Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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02 August 2004 9:40:00 PM

Call the witch doctor.

So, enough of the hectic weekends. Hello monday blues. i had so much blues today tt i wished the day would end faster. well supposed to do my long overdue revision, but a lil blogging wont kill right? yes? oh heck it.

Blues No. 1:

It was raining n of course, i was enjoying the cold morning. that's the best part. but sad thing is, I WAS LATE for my first class. oh! being the typical me, i continued my sleep. AGAIN! i was late for the second class. bummers!

Blues No. 2 :

Yes my adventures with my bisul-bisuls are not over yet. And mother of all bisul is here to spoil my monday. I can't sit. YES i can't jolly well SIT. i was really tired and my bag is pretty heavy. BUT NO. it diden gave me any chance to even take a little rest. i wanted to cry coz i was already limping. but obviouslee i can't. and for the first time i am attentive in class thanks to my bisuls. the excruciating pain kept me awake so yea, there goes my monday..

Blues No. 3 :

Locker key. I fergot to bring my small teeny weeny peeny locker key. *knocks head* n m having practical today. it's so oh important. but it's ok. the day is saved by SUPER-BAI. she has my extra key. *phew*

Blues No. 4 :

Since i'm sick, the laptop has its reason to go sick too. yes yes. it's so sick. i can't on it. CPR somebody? No thanks. it's cured now, thanks to MR ACER. my lecturer was kind enough to release me early so that i can have it repaired. its a-okay now. ohhhh i miss u so! *hugs*

So my fellow friends, are you having the blues too? I hope not yar.

Bonsoir. Au revoir.

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01 August 2004 4:07:00 AM

NDP Preview 2004

Welcome to the BORING ndp 04!

Here's the supportive crowd.

Patriotic enuff? No!? I AM OK! Ole ole singapura!

Killing the time...

Good stunts. m thrilled. the best part of NDP of course!-

Save the best for the last! Voila~ Ever wonderful fireworks!

Despite the boring parade, i did enjoy myself. THANK YOU for the free tix narz. haha again again!
P/s : sorry the pics aint clear. what du u expect from my LG phone rite?

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