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B Junior

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nur hidayah
21st june 1986


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"These are her random thoughts. Should anyone finds her entries offending or harmful, please close your eyes and stop reading you goof! :)"




30 March 2004 11:08:00 PM

Ok so here's it. m updating.. been a long and tiring week fer me.. movies.. work.. school.. so what's new? i guez nuthin's new... sumtimes i feel tt m operating like a machine.. wake up morning, go skewl- home late evening.. homeworks.. endless homeworks.. it's the same thing everyday.. but i cun complain tt much cuz i chose to be this way.. no choice thou'- exams are juz ard the corner n im lagging way back behind.. to those i spend less time with.. m truly sorry yea esp to u ma dear.. hope u'll understand.. m hardly surviving but i know i can make it.. Bonsoi, au revoir my frens... *muahs!*

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25 March 2004 11:59:00 PM

I'm back. And of course im not using my own laptop coz it had to be sent for service.. thanks dear for borrowing me ur laptop.. Today was splendid. Beautiful. Wonderful. Why? coz 3 nice things happen. i bet it's moi lucky day! *smiles* 1st - i bumped into yanty, my long loz cuzzie.. n finaleee i got her number! 2nd - well.. it started like this.. i was gg up the esclator with dear at wezmall... suddenlee he pointed out to me tt he saw shikin walking towards KFC.. i was very hepi indeed. so i told him to go bek down perhaps boy wud be there.. he reluctantly agreed.. i was very very excited.. i was like telling dear if she's not with boy we peng back into westmall like nuthing happen... we were praying hard... n YES! boy was there..!! so he offered us for dinner.. well, of couse we wud say yes.. afterall we went down there specially to meet him.. we tok and tok and tok till 1030 den we called it a day.. im glad tt he's happy with shikin and he's glad tt we're hepi too.. thou' boy and i weren't so close.. it's amazing tt the 4 of us cud interect and tok... he truly understands everything about us.. i wud say he's a friend in need and a friend indeed. i knew i cud count on him.. shikin is such a dearie gurl.. she's so sweet and fragile... im happy for both of them.. CHEERS SHIKIN AND BOY!! i love u guys to da bits.. and yes dear i luv u the most... 3rd - my bk manager called me back to work.. and she offered $4.50/hr EXCLUSIVE of tips.. tt means it's ard $5++/hr.. who wuden be hepi right? my mum haf to let me work this time... cuz i realeee in need of big buckarooos to clear my bills and all.. ok i tink my entry is kinda long and a bore.... bonsoir, au revoir.....

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24 March 2004 4:02:00 PM

urghs! not again! my laptop is down again.. wat the heck~ i haf to go down to jurong again just to get this stupid thang fixed.. *sighs* im tired yet haf to do this unnecessary thang~ help somebody?

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1:08:00 AM

Hey my girlfriend bai.. i hope everything wud be fine yar? dun weri too much yan and i is always here for you... *huggs* we're just a call away! *winks*

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23 March 2004 10:50:00 PM

Today was sweet. Did nuthing but was still sweet to me. *smiles* my beau was pulchritudinous juz now.. i loike his nu-hairdo.. vavavooom.. dashing baby *droools* it felt like love at first sight again.. i guez i shud not get carried away.. im off fer now.. au revoir...

p/s : bebeh.. loving you is all it takes.. u know wat i mean.. u drive me crazieee! *winks*

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22 March 2004 3:34:00 AM


+ it's a shame tt wan says it uglee.. tskk tskk.. *winks* +

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20 March 2004 10:57:00 PM

So yea todae wus great.. kind of gathering with ma loved ones.. dear's sis, her bf, hanis, dear's bro.. it wus supa dupa fun! we realli felt like a family... ok nuff said bout tt.. actualee sumting happened btw me n my dad.. but its all ok right now.. lucky me dad diden blow up *smiles*... he still cud smile- but i was all teary when i talked to him.. haha guez he actualli cud read my mind and all my sinful lies... geesh~ m sori dad... i still luvs u.. so so much! *huugs* to all, Bonsoir.. au revoir..

To ma dear : Thanks for the wonderful moments.. it wus realli nice to tok abt us on our way home.. it makes me feel much more closer to you.. n thanks for being my friend bestest friend ever.. and of coz my luvlee boifren.. you're the greatest thing tt have ever happened in my life.. *hugs*

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18 March 2004 9:09:00 PM

I hate school. I hate going for lessons. Well, i guez it wud be different if i'm still in da same class with my old mates. *sighs* lecturers had been picking on me every now and then.. what's wrong with them? It's like as if im the only person in the class who pays less attn in the lessons. Fug. I'm gonna prove them wrong- this potential failure will make it. i'm suprised tt my lecturers knoe tt i'm attending lessons only for the sake of my attendance. Cause i kept coming late for their lessons- hey coming late is better than not coming at all.. i hope m gonna scrape through this semester- wuden wanna see their faces and m sure they wuden wanna c me too.. im a nightmare. yea i know. gotta go- au revoir *huggs dear*

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3:12:00 AM

It's 3am ald and im still stuck with this stoopid maths online.. gosh~ ngee ann is making me crazy.. best thing is, i can't skip skewl animore or else i'll be in deep sheit.. by hook or crook, i got to get my ass off from this cosy bed and spring to skewl.. darn! wish im still working so i dun haf to care nuts abt homeworks.. it's piling and it's multiplying.. when will it stop?

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17 March 2004 4:41:00 PM

* Today was ugly. I nearly lost my laptop and im having excrutiating cramps. Spare me. *

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15 March 2004 9:32:00 PM

Perfect. Today was simply perfect.. Watched Haunted Mansion during tt 5 long hours break... Hehe it was great! Den head to town with my bestest girlfren bai, and of coz our boifrens hehe.. they makes me wonder wether they're truly faggots... perfect match! *Winks* hmmm yea walked ard tangs.. gosh i miss tt place! guez gonna work there bek.. hmm i betta do my maths now.. *huggs to all* and of coz *muuuaks ma dear*

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11:33:00 AM

Monday blues' are here. Currently in de library thinkin wether or not i shud go for the IS Briefing at 5.. it's like my classes are over and i haf to wait for 5 hours juz for tt blardy 1 hour briefing.. maybe off to beach rd layter- it all depends wether bai and riq are gg or not.. if they're nt den i guez i'll head home.. so yea, gd news my sis are having her skewl camp for 2 days so it's PEACE AT HOME.. *sighs* finalee... off right now- au revoir..

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14 March 2004 10:10:00 PM

First and foremost, to my idiotic but wat-to-do she my sister : Mind yr own beeswax and leave mine alone. I dun mess with ya stuffs, so stop messing with mine. M stingy yea? Who cares. At least i dun ask for paybacks. Tsk.. tsk.. cheap publicty..

So yea, today was great.. Went jamming with tha circus troops.. i juz found out aman is my cuzzie! Wee- it's a small world after all! Hmm bumped into my long lost cuzzie.. she looks absolutely stunning now.. *smiles* I think imma flirt with my bed now- head is aching, the world is spinning! BONSOIR~

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1:06:00 PM

It's SUNDAY! Where shall I go? Anyone wanna take me out? *smiles*

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2:57:00 AM

Nuthing much today.. Oooo n my sis think im a stingy bitch juz bcoz i wun borrow her my adidas bag.. for goodness sake! use ur own bag.. im not being stingy wokey, did u ever asked me first before u use my bag? NO! u simply hijacked my bag without my knowledge.. what the fug is this? Suddenly what's mine is yours, n wat's urs is mine?! HEY! some things are juz meant for personal use, why do u think im not wearing tt bosini bag often? COz I GODDAMN TREASURE IT! n u simply use it like ur own fugging bag.. where's my billabong, kuta lines, project shop bag gone to? hell no i dunno.. it's stuck in the middle of YOUR ROOM! so mind wat u say... before i get more vulgar u better learn to watch ur words.. u diden even apologise for ur mistakes.. tsk tsk.. maybe u're DARN lucky tt mom n pop are pampering u tts why u're such a spoiled brat who never know the meaning of hardship.. u're onli a KID so act like one... ARGHS!

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12 March 2004 11:14:00 PM

It's so hard to convince tt sumone u realli love tt u're realli trying to change for good and no evil plans up yr sleeves.. they will always think u're up to no good.. they expect us to change yet they haf such narrow mindset.. *sighs* glad tt it's weekends finalee.. gonna sleep sleep sleep.. so yea, cut my fringe real short.. just to release tension? i dunno but it does feel good.. my throat is hurting so bad, there's ulcer on my left eyelid n it's so uncomfortable.. been emoistic these days- n again to the casualties i've snapped on, realli sorry.. everything's been goin so fast and on top of tt my blardy lecturer had to upset me with one debarment letter.. i dunno it's juz a threatening reminder or am i really debarred.. hope not cuz i've oredy thrown away the paper before my pop sees it.. i dun wanna upset him- been disappointing him real bad.. sorry one, sorry all.. bonsoir, au revoir~

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1:59:00 PM

Thank god im feeling perfectly fine now.. Im sori to the casualties i've snapped on yesterday... normal me to get stressed up with my studies.. *smiles* but- i still love u all!! au revoir..

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11 March 2004 11:39:00 PM

*Im in my bittest mood right now.. Everything seems to go wrong.. n where's the heck is my fugging common test question paper!?*

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1:12:00 PM

So yea, first thing in the morn got my maths paper bek.. like expected i failed.. but my lecturer was lenient enuf to give me the 3 fugging marks so tt i wun haf to go for retest.. he's juz plain dumb, he was afraid tt i might jump down the building for failing.. *sighs* he assumed kids these days are hyper sensitive, i dunno where he got tt kind of theory.. so yea, my body's aching and maybe im not meeting liena layter- see how it goes.. been quite sumtime since i last met her, kinda miss those cranky times.. yea, au revoir..

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2:15:00 AM

*When i'm catching up with sumting new.. i never realised the precious gems around me are slipping away..*

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10 March 2004 2:17:00 PM

Another lucky day for me!!! Wohoooooooooo- i got 96 for signal & network.. but a dissapointment for my digital electronics.. 58 and im among the lowest *sobs*.. 3 down 1 to go! left with my maths.. another terrorizing paper... which i doubt i make it...please god one more time... hear my prayers.. *sighs*

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09 March 2004 4:20:00 PM

My My it's my lucky day today hehe.. But i was terribly freezing in class.. This week had been raining cats n dogs, how i wished i cud stay home and sleep.. it's such a perfect weather.. so yea, dear was sooo sweet today *smiles* he bought me porridge cuz im nt feeling tt good but i diden manage to eat it during my break cuz i was in the lib.. so i ate in class.. yumm yumm it warms my body.. totally perfect for this kind of weather.. hehe and the aroma fills the whole class but heck~ as long as i dun disrupt the class, the lecturer wun be bothered tt im eating in class...

AND GOOD NEWS!! for the first time i got 91 for my programming common test.. *yipppeee* i was so content with my marks.. i tout i cuden make it.. but i shall not get carried away- i've yet gotten back my most horibble-terrifying-despicable paper ~ MATHS ... heh! abg wan oredy told me he got 26.. i was like WAdAaaAa~ i stood there in awed silence.. im gonna be doomed.. *sighs* pleassseee god hear my prayers, i dun wanna take any retest.. im tired to revise animore... *sobs*

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08 March 2004 11:11:00 PM

It's a cold day todae... Im all in the mood to sleep.. Well, finished my class early so i went to watch CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY with ayie in da lib.. den off to do my ITA project.. i dunnoe i just haf no words to describe abt my day.. im so numb... i enjoyed myself with dear, tts a definite yes.. maybe im too tired.. overdosed of sleeping.. and im pretty worried for my darlx renn.. keep it strong dear.. u know im always right beside you.. i guez im off now.. bonsoir, au revoir..

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1:37:00 PM

My very British name is Margaret Heath.
Take The Very British Name Generator today!
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*Here you are sis! My British name.. ewww~ hehe i dun loike my name*

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3:05:00 AM

It's 3 in da morning! Im awake finalee.. hehe well slept late yest night.. around 430am n i woke up around 4pm so it's like 12 hours of sleep.. well i wasn't awake for long.. fell asleep again around 6pm and woke up around 1 am juz now.. hahaha another round of sleeping madness... hehehe tt means i slept for 19 hours today! koaz- im awake for only 2 hours today!? i wasted my one day juz like tt? hehe nvm im loving it and can someone please help me? i can't sleeep now and my class starts at 8 layter.. *sobs*

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07 March 2004 4:39:00 PM

I*t's SUNDAY! And im staying home.. having terrible flu and this stomach cramp is excruciating... darn~ *

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12:14:00 AM

WOPPEE!! My day ended perfect! *smileeee* watched the butterfly effect.. I rate that movie 5 POPCORNS! hehe how i wish i was like tt guy who can turn back time and amend my past... *sighs* owh well, watever happens next i wuden wanna say.. i was really upset... ok2 both of us were upset with each other.. and i can't believe i broke down in the bus.. i was ALONE at tt time.. how embarrassing can tt be.. everybody was looking at me..

Hmm nice thing my prince charming came and amend my last few minutes of my day.. and now im smilling widely.. he rushed all the way from his workplace to my place juz to suprise me with ... *of coz not glass slippers lah *sigh i wish hehe* * - my all time favourite magazine and wanton stick!! yummy~ he knew tt he must catch the last bus cuz im gonna be angry if he waste his money again on cab fare.. so yea, diden get to see him.. he put the stuffs msged me n went.. *sobs* Thank you baby.. you're the sweetest!! *huggggggggggggs*

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06 March 2004 11:28:00 PM

Day after day
Time passed away
And I just can't get you off my mind
Nobody knows, I hide it inside
I keep on searching but I can't find
The courage to show to letting you know
I've never felt so much love before

And once again I'm thinking about
Taking the easy way out

But if I let you go I will never know
What my life would be holding you close to me
Will I ever see you smiling back at me?
How will I know
If I let you go?

Night after night I hear myself say
Why can't this feeling just fade away
There's no one like you
You speak to my heart
It's such a shame we're worlds apart

I'm too shy to ask, I'm too proud to lose
But sooner or later I gotta choose

And once again I'm thinking about
Taking the easy way out

And once again I'm thinking about
Taking the easy way out

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2:02:00 PM

I diden slept well yest nite but yea thank god tt twiggy feeling is over.. feeling all better now.. i feel so new.. *smiles* so yea, over at dear's crib cuz his parents are away to malacca... Gd thing he diden go.. *winks2* Hmm spent our morning watching the endless cartoon.. but bahh~ i feel asleep when spongebob was on.. prolly gonna catch a movie later since dear's pay is out.. weeeeeee~ dirty dancing here i comeeeee!!

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05 March 2004 10:40:00 PM

Lunch at JP with dear's mom, Catch up with my sleep - My noon was lovely. Watever happen's next was not wat i expect my day to be. I can feel my heart tearing inside. Im feeling so crushed. I know i shouldn't be, but why am i feeling this way? I dun know, i can't tell myself. I'm sorry for the troubles i've made. I'm so sorry for the hearts i've break. Well it's a past anyway, why am i bragging? Why am i crying my hearts out? I don't know, maybe because i just knew about it today. What was i thinking back then? Gosh- only i can understand how it feels. The guilt within me is getting heavy. I tink i'll put myself to sleep now. Hope to start afresh tomm.. Hope i can overcome this feelings inside. I did tt once and i know i can do it again. Au revoir my mates..

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12:55:00 AM

The exams are over!! Finaleeeeeeeeeeeee, i see a relaxing weekends coming up! *smiles* Been sacrificing my sleep.. over consumption of coffee.. owh boy, it's a dread.. but nvm cuz i'll be all fresh tomoro! Gonna hit da bed now and catch up with my beauty sleep hehehe... Bonsoir, au revoir.. love you peeps! Muahx! And yes, i love u the most honey.. *smoooch*

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04 March 2004 5:28:00 AM

I am Paige.

Which Charmed One Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

*Am i paige sis? I think this is correct right? aww~ suddenly i feel tt i miss kikinz... *sobs* Nemind, since kikinz is not around.. we shall be BANANAS in PYJAMAS! *smiles*

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1:58:00 AM

Im very tired but i haf to hang on, cuz i haf yet finished studying DE - De E-diots.. Digital Electronics is such a pain.. *sighs* but wat fug, i haf to make it no matter wat.. hmm yea im back on track with sheila.. no point dwelling on the past.. n dear was hepi abt it.. hmm so yea, sumthing new is up today.. so called budak jahat polluted liena's tagboard with his public stunt.. i dun care who is tt person, but hell yea he shud know tt it's only civillised tt he dun drag our parents into the picture -- it went sumtin like "puki mak kau longgar".. wat wus tt supposed to mean? my mom is ur auntie tt u simply can play ard with her? fullest sympathy for tt kind of pple... i guez i shuden be bothered with these kind of sick pple.. au revoir..

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03 March 2004 3:11:00 PM

Finalee, it's wednesday.. i so luveee wed cuz it's the only day i haf no papers.. so yea~ tomm gonna be my last day of common test.. *phew* wanna get done with it so i can haf a wunderful date with dear on fridae.. hehe juz cun wait for weekends!! im kind of bushed todae.. feeling tired.. aimless.. i dun plan to study in da afternoon.. im gonna drag till tonite.. last minute studying is soo me... but im fine with it.. at least i stress myself only for a few hours not days.. so yea, gonna meet acit fer awhile layter to pass him the maths book den off meeting dear before he goes to work.. right now, im gonna eeeerrrr do nuthing? i dunno.. i'll find sumthing to occupy myself... and suddenly i feel like saying.. I LOVE YOU MY FRIENDS!! anyone who knows me - I LOVE YOU PEEPS! and of course.. I LOVE YOU THE MOST baby... *muaaahks!* au revoir-

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02 March 2004 7:44:00 PM

I was half an hour late for my maths paper hahaha.. thanks to tt someone *winks2 dear*.. n there was a heavy traffic at bt timah exp.. so i dropped at mac's busstop and ran to skewl.. Thank god reached there 0900 exactly, if i had been a minute later, i wuden be allowed to take the test.. but thought again, who cares.. afterall im not fully prepared and chances of me passing is 50 50.. so yea, had no plans today so headed for dear's plc.. tired cuz diden had enuff sleep yesterday.. burn my night doing endless past yr maths paper.. i squeezed my brain real dry tt i had mental block during the test itself.. *sighs* i tink i've complained enuff~ i'll be back layter when i get home.. au revoir..

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12:13:00 AM

It's oredy 2400 n i've yet touched my maths books.. the paper is like less than 8 hours time.. it's freaking me out.. haiz- i simply cun concentrate on anything.. *sighs* Baby im realli sori, do forgive me.. i was really trying to help, didn't expect it to turn sour.. but i really care for you... *sobs* Bonsoir, au revoir..

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